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Tomo Sushi & Sake Bar is a Japanese restaurant located in the Upper West Side neighborhood at 2850 Broadway (bet. 110th & 111th Sts.) in New York, NY 10024. Tomo Sushi & Sake Bar has been described as an Great Japanese restaurant and has received an average rating of 7.8 by our members.




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  • I was impressed that there wasn't a wait for New Year's Eve. We all enjoyed our dinner in a relaxed atmosphere...
  • I usually get quite irate with reviews that I feel lambaste restaurants unfairly because of overly attentive service, because I feel some people are just looking to nitpick or are overly sensitive and touchy...
  • Klein's is consistently excellent: the seafood is as fresh as it comes and is. service is prompt and efficient; the wait staff is polished and pleasant...
  • A good mix of menu options and price points. The food was well prepared, nicely presented and we were not rushed one bit...
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