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Checkers is a Fast Food restaurant located in the Briarwood neighborhood at 83-45 Parsons Blvd in Queens, NY 11432. Checkers has been described as an Exceptional Fast Food restaurant and has received an average rating of 6.5 by our members.

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Good for Kids: No Take Out: Yes Caters: Yes




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    I live down the street and once in a while buy food for my family here.Food was good all other times except tonight (March 8) which their employees were most likely intoxicated (Substance unknown) they made fun of me,overcharged, and messed up my order.I repeated the order 3 times when ordering when they were making jokes and laughing.This was not the bad part when i got home i checked all the food and noticed spit and mucus between the lettuce and burger (which i took a picture) and just threw out all the food which i bought for the family.I have my discipline which i learned in the army I decided not to fight or argue i reported it online then reviewed.I cant base due to factors but reciept says Bikash Chandra B was my server.I like checkers and you should too just be careful which ones you go to.

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