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Global Village is a Middle Eastern restaurant located at 2412 W 41st St in Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Global Village has been described as an Amazing Middle Eastern restaurant and has received an average rating of 8.8 by our members.




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  • Nejla Smith







    Global Village in Sioux Falls is a MUST visit restaurant. It is small, but it is rarely busy, so you can walk right in and sit down. Global Village is a family owned restaurant, and everyone there is very welcoming and friendly. Even better, the food is great! I think they might be the only place in Sioux Falls to serve falafel (fried chickpea and parsley cake). They have chicken kabobs to die for, and their rice is awesome. I've tried to make it at home, but there is no matching them. I also have to say that I think they serve the best gyros in town...and right down the street from Nick's...I'd choose Global Village any day. Also, they are the only place in town that serves Turkish coffee. If you haven't had it...it's like espresso, but the grounds are on the bottom (you don't consume them, of course). It is totally worth trying...just ask them for a glass of water and to make it sweet (if that's how you like espresso). Anyway, Global Village is a great place to check out, and it just might become your next favorite spot!

    I Ate:

    • Gyros Sandwich: so much better than the other places in town, even the new European Grill on 8th Street. ($6)
    • Chicken kabobs: Awesome!!! and so was the side of rice ($10)
    • Beef Korma: Beef in a great sauce with rice on the side...yum! ($10)
    • Falafel: great...the only place to get it around here! ($3)

    Overall Rating