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Slap Daddy's is a Burgers restaurant located at 914 Baytree Road in Valdosta, GA 31602. Slap Daddy's has been described as an Exceptional Burgers restaurant and has received an average rating of 6.8 by our members.




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  • Trevor Castle







    I first saw Slap Daddy's being built on the foundations of an old steak restaurant in town, but didn't think much of it until I got a mailed-out ad and menu from them, and saw the prices.

    They serve good ol' fashioned hand pattied burgers, made from fresh meat, never frozen, cooked diner-style on a flat top. They even grill the buns. They'll throw on any of 15 toppings, including sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, and steak sauce, at no charge, except bacon or chili, which are about 50 cents extra. The burgers are about $3 each, $3.30 for a cheeseburger, and $4.50/5.00 for a "Big Slap Daddy," which has two huge patties. One of the small burgers is enough to fill me up, though I made the mistake of trying to cram down a "Big" one my first time. The fresh-cut fries are perfect, and the onion rings are delicious, if a little greasy at times.

    The hot dogs and chili dogs are what you'd expect, but not bad by a long shot. Unfortunately, the non-dairy "smoothies" aren't all that flavorful or worth the price.

    Service was good a few times, when we managed to show up while the owner was there. He was very friendly, as are most of the employees. However, when my wife went there to pick up some burgers one evening, she got a hard time from a female manager (the owner wasn't there) about getting the burgers medium rare.. she came home, and the entire order was wrong. Usually, such problems are handled very well by the owner, but when I called about it, the same manager yelled at me and hung up on me, telling me I shouldn't come again if I don't like how she does things. While I still say the food was great, I've taken her advice thus far.

    I Ate:

    • Slap Dog: What you'd expect, but good quality. Hard to put personal touches on a hot dog. ($2)
    • Fries: Way better than anything you'd get out of fast food. ($2)
    • Slap Daddy with Cheese: Excellent. ($3)
    • Onion Rings: A little greasy, but delicious. ($3)
    • Green Apple Smoothie: Dairy-free, with a very smooth consistency, but not very flavorful. ($3)

    Overall Rating