About FriendsEAT

Who the Heck are Antonio and Blanca?

Antonio is a complete and utter geek. Antonio is a NY pizza expert (loves Totonno's above all). He is a huge fan of French Chardonnay (although from time to time he cheats on France with Sonoma). He considers himself a member of the Stark Clan. Antonio believes that eating out should be like the theater; made up of three shows a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the same way that the theater is not just about the individual performers, eating out isn't just about food: everything has to come together for the perfect dining experience, like a symphony of sensation.

Blanca never though she would end up in technology since she was more of your liberal arts major (don't ask her about black and red figure vases, she'll go on for hours). While she is not a gastronaut, she has been known to snack on balut, snake, and brains and a bunch of other things that creep out her friends. If you want to get on her sunny side, take her to Sushi Yasuda (or Per Se). Blanca sides with the Lannisters. For her, an exceptional dining experience consists of three factors: feeling welcome from the time one comes in until the meal is done; inspirational food, and good value for money whether she is spending $10 or $1,000,000.

FriendsEAT was founded in 2005 because Antonio was sick of hearing about Blanca being hungry! They wanted a place where they could share recipes, talk about their favorite (and least favorite) restaurants, look at delicious pictures of food (mmm.....food porn), and make friends.

What Can I Do On FriendsEAT?

Make Friends

Review Restaurants

Share Recipes

Watch Videos

Read blogs

Learn About Food Companies

What Areas Does FriendsEAT Cover?

Everything but the moon. Currently we're active in 59 countries including Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Italy, The UK, Turkey, and of course France. We're looking to grow. Where we go is all up to you.

What Makes FriendsEAT different than the kabillion other food websites out there?

We're a smart site: FriendsEAT's algorithm will give you a consensus of what the web thinks of that restaurant

It's all about community. Restaurants and bloggers wanted to get in the game, so we built out pages for them to connect to the culinary and foodie community.

Chat: Chat with your friends right on the site

Seamless Sharing: Allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook with minimal effort.

Food Porn: If you like it nasty, you can find it here.

Philanthropy: If you're a non-profit, you can create a page that allows people to make donations directly to your organization.

FREE! Yup, the site is free (like those mint candies you get at the local Chinese restaurant). There's no charge to join the site, AND you earn Karma as you do stuff. Your Karma allows you to attend special events, meet chefs, and advertise.

YOU: We want to make you happy. If there's something you desire from the site, just message us. There's a cool feedback tab on the right for this. You can also email us at [us at FriendsEAT.com] or just friend Blanca. She's usually always online (ALWAYS).