About FriendsEAT

  1.  FriendsEAT was started in 2005 to help people connect with the foodie community world wide
  2. FriendsEAT has listings and users from over 59 countries.
  3. People connect with FriendsEAT to discuss local businesses, local places, events and share recipes.
  4. Business, Companies and Bloggers connect with FriendsEAT’s community to help promote their products.
  5. FriendsEAT makes money from Advertisements and Partnerships to enhance the community.
  6. Local Business-owners, event coordinators, Brands and bloggers can setup free local pages.
  7. FriendsEAT uses automated algorithms to help enhance connections between communities, reviews, events and listings
  8. Food, Travel, and Culture are at the center of our focus